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By Canon Joseph McAuley


From her earliest childhood Margaret’s soul was touched with a deep love for God. Her parents' deep faith in God showed itself in the love they had for each other and the generous way in which they welcomed six children into the world. Her parents were poor working class people and she was brought up in an area which would today be described as an inner-city slum. The family’s life was centred around the parish of Saint Patrick’s and living the catholic faith through the devotional and sacramental life of the church with a constant sensitivity to the needs of other poor people. From her earliest days not only did she devote herself to prayer but always sought to be a source of joy, peace and  friendship within the home and within the school.

She was undoubtedly living at the deepest level of her being in communion with Christ. This was manifested in terms of her spirituality in her great devotion to the rosary and to the Eucharist as she would spend even her lunchtime praying before the Blessed Sacrament. She was extremely honest and hard-working and so impressed her workmates that she was appointed shop steward.


When God called her to enter religious life it meant leaving home and going to live in London which she did with great generosity of spirit.
Within two years of entering into religious life she was struck down with tuberculosis of the throat and after a few short months died.
This was an extremely painful form of suffering as there were in those days none of the painkilling drugs which we have today. As she had done at every other stage of her life she accepted everything in union with Christ and his passion and death and never complained. The joy and the trust with which she had excepted God's will at every stage of her life continued until the end.

Feast Day: November 24th
Born: March 29, 1900, Edinburgh, Scotland
Died: November 24, 1925, Warley, England

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