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St Cumin's Return

If you were to go on a drive down Loch Ness today you would eventually come to Fort Augustus, a town whose history is indelibly linked with the Battle of Culloden and the subjugation of the clans. But this is a recent veneer, far beyond 1746 and before the Reformation this town was called KilChuimein - the Church of Saint Cumin. You can find a number of locations in this area named after him, including St Cumin's Rest and indeed St Cumin's Return. But why is this important now?

St Cumin represents for us in Scotland a past of devotion to the Catholic faith that said its prayers, attended its Mass - was baptised, died and was buried in Gaelic and Scots. In this section we want to bring back to life some of that faith represented in the language.

Below your will find our first project - the Rosary in Scots. There is an audio only file and the text to help you pray the rosary in one of Scotlands original languages. The audio is only from the mysteries of light but it includes all the surrounding prayers. You will also find some articles and an introduction to St Cumin himself.

Articles and Projects

St Cumin's Return is all about rediscovering or renewing our knowledge of Scotlands Catholic past, with an attempt to provide prayers and other devotions in Scots and Gaelic.

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Tobar Mhoire; (Revisiting Mary’s Wellspings of Grace)

What's in a name? We look at how Marian devotion has infused across Scotlands places and people.


Rediscovering Scotland's Place in Christ

Does God have plans for nations? What might Scotland's be?

Image by James Coleman

The Rosary in Scots

Find the text that goes along with the recording and video below - the Rosary in the Scots language.


St Anndra's Day

What St Anndra can teach us about ourselves and Scotland

A Novena to St Anndra

Statue of Mary

The Celtic Litany

An 8th Century Celtic Litany to Our Lady


Downloadable Prayers

See our collection of Scottish prayers and download them for free.

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