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A Peek Inside a Courage Meeting by Elena Feick

This is what a Courage meeting is like; a reflection by a local Courage member.

The space we usually gather in is comfortable; I tend to sit with my feet beneath me, curled on a corner of a couch.

We slowly gather, greeting one another, making small talk, chatting about our lives.

Soon we're all arrived, and we go to the chapel for a brief time of Eucharistic Adoration. One of our chaplains shares a reflection on the day's Mass readings. Next we have just a few minutes in silence with Jesus, and an opportunity for Sacramental Confession before Benediction.

We shift back to the room with the couches, where we read out the Five Goals of Courage (link: ) and have a chance to reflect on those goals in our lives.

Are we reaching these goals or struggling? How do we feel about the place of these goals in our lives? Is there any support or encouragement we need from or can offer to each other?

No topic is off-limits. Our group is a safe and welcoming space for all of us.

After this brief check-in of sorts, we'll usually read maybe a Church document or article. Maybe something recent from Courage itself.

And we'll chat, openly, with each other. We don't have to fear being judged here. We are all seeking the same thing: Sainthood.

Honestly, it is something every Catholic should be seeking. We just have the benefit of a community, a family bound by a shared set of experiences, a fellowship to make our journey with.

The evening is usually concluded with pizza and casual chatter.

Every chapter does things a little differently, but the basis is the same - the goals, the support offered one another, the fellowship on our road to Sainthood.

That's what Courage is.

To read more about what Courage does go to: for more info.

Elena Feick

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